Rain maker

topic posted Sun, April 29, 2007 - 10:10 PM by  Pablo
it was drizzling the other day so i went outside to see if it would turn into a thunder storm. I went outside and said outloud i wsh it would start to lightning...about 15 seconds later i saw the first flash of lightning which would eventually escalade. I then said i wish it would start to thunder real loud...a few seconds later we heard the first boom of thunder...i looked at the rain for a while just looking...i willed it to start downpouring a few seconds later the sky started crying bullets of rain. A friend of mine noticed what i was doing...he said pablo..i understand what your doing and keep doing it....for all i know it couldv been coincidence, it probably was but anyway it was
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New Jersey
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    Mon, April 30, 2007 - 8:44 PM
    Hi Pablo,
    I hope you get some answers to your question . . . I have been asking similar questions on various tribes, but go real answers . . . Sure it could just be coincidence, but I have had similar experiences, that are pretty freaky . . . We desperately need rain in the American South West, an if there is anything I can do to influence this I would like to be a part of it . . .
    Anam Cara, Bonnie

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